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Problem: Unit is not on
1. Possible Cause: Wiring was not conntected properly.
    Resolution:       Check and make sure black and red wires are connected correctly.

2. Possible Cause: Out of battery
    Resolution:       Recharge battery.

Problem: Unit not respond to SMS
1. Possible Cause: GSM antenna was not installed properly.
    Resolution:       check the LED indicator of tracker, see if they were flashing correctly, try to reconnect GSM antenna.

2. Possible Cause: GSM Network is slow.
    Resolution:       Wait for SMS. Some GSM Networks slow down during peak times or when they have equipment problems.

3. Possible Cause: SMS command password is wrong.
   Resolution:        Correct the password

4. Possible Cause: The SIM in Tracker is out of credit.
   Resoluion:         Replace or top up the SIM card.

5. Possible Cause: No SIM card
    Resolution:       Insert working SIM card check in phone that the SIM can send SMS .

6. Possible Cause: SIM card has expired.
    Resolution:       Check in phone that the SIM can send SMS. Replace SIM card if needed.

7.  Possible Cause: SIM has PIN code set.
     Resolution:       Remove PIN code by inserting SIM in you phone and deleting the code.

8. Possible Cause: SIM is warped or damaged.
    Resolution:       Inspect SIM, clean the contacts. If re-inserting does not help try another to see if it will work.

9. Possible Cause: Roaming is not enabled: 
   Resolution:        If you are in a different country your SIM account must have roaming enabled.

10. Possible Cause: Battery is low.
     Resolution:        Recharge the unit and GSM will Start working. 

Problem: SMS from Tracker states: "last......"
1. Possible Cause: Unit does not have clear view of the sky.
    Resolution:       Move the antenna of the unit to a location where the sky is visible.

2. Possible cause: Tracker is in an inner place.
   Resolution:        Wait for the target to come out.

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