• Bluetooth GPS Tracker MT08B

    New GPS tracker MT08B = GPS tracking + smart car alarm + driver ID identification + Tracking by LBS + Anti-GSM jamming



    * Network: 2G GSM+GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    * GPS: sirf3 / u-blox 7
    * GPS sensitivity: 162dB
    * Power Supply: DC 6-36V

    1.1 Smart car alarm:

    It no conflict with original car remoter; with bluetooth, no need install APP on phone, no need connect to RFID reader, GSM/GPRS+GPS+LBS+BLUETOOTH, Four-in-one device.

    It can automatically ARM/DISARM the car:

     On ARM status:

    When the phone bluetooth out of range and without matching the MT08B bluetooth, the system will enter in ARM status, if someone illegally opens the car door or illegally start the ignition or illegally towing, it will trigger the device to send alarm message to preset phone number and call the preset phone number for notification, also can shutdown the car automatically, so that the thief cant driver the car run away.



    On DISARM status:

    When the phone bluetooth in the detecting range and matched to the MT08B bluetooth, then the vehicle will enter in disarm status, and you can start the engine and open the car door normally.



    1.2 Driver ID identification:

    If the phone bluetooth matched to the MT08B bluetooth, The GPS data will send the phone bluetooth address (driver ID) to server, so management will know whose driving the car via tracking platform.



    1.3 Tracking by LBS:

    Some times the car in place with bad GPS signal (like garage, indoor), then device will lost GPS signal, so that cant track the car position; in order to prevent this issue, MT08B added LBS functions, no matter where is the car or GPS antenna is broken, user still can know the car position.

    (Note: our LBS is can check base station coordinates, not only base station code.)



    1.4 Anti-theft GSM Jamming:

    Because present GSM car alarm and GSM Tracker is widely used, car thieves are increasingly difficult to get, who use high-tech means after interfering with the GSM signal makes GSM device is not working properly, so that the thief successfully steal the car.

    According to our clients requirements, successfully developed anti GSM jamming function, if the GSM jamming is detected, system will shutdown the car immediately, makes car in a state of immobile, so that the thief cant drive the car run away.


    1.5 Based features:

     * Tracking by SMS, web-based platform or Android APP;

     * Detect engine on/off status;

     * over speeding alert;

     * Geo-fence alert;

     * Cut external power alert;

     * Odometer report

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