Fleet Management fuel monitor solution

December 13, 2021

Fleet Management fuel monitor solution

Fuel Monitoring Based on Vehicle Original Fuel Sensor


Keywords: original fuel sensor, existing fuel sensor, built-in fuel sensor, internal fuel sensor

Overview: Based on special firmware developed by our engineers, fifotrack GPS tracker devices are able to read vehicle existing fuel sensor data directly via analog input and upload the filtered fuel data to the tracking platform for an acceptable fuel level graph.


Customers' Pain Points

1. Small car fuel tank is part of vehicle body, the size is irregular and flat, external fuel sensor is not suitable for small car fuel monitoring.

2. External fuel sensor installation need drill a hole on fuel tank, some customers resist it.

3. External fuel sensor cost is relatively high

4. External fuel sensor installation is a little complicated.


Vehicle Original Fuel Sensor Benefits

1. Using vehicle original fuel sensor directly, suitable for small car, truck and other vehicles.

2. Security, no need drill a hole on fuel tank

3. Save money, no need buy external fuel sensor

4. Easy installation compare to external fuel sensor.


Solution Highlight

1. Flexible algorithm to filter wave fuel data

2. Keep smooth fuel graph well under engine off

3. Fuel level graph, fuel filling/theft reports

4. One-time calibration fuel data can be copied to all same model vehicles

5. Installation video, user guide and rich experience to guide customers


Main Steps to Apply Vehicle Own Fuel Gauge

Step1: Choose GPS tracker model among VT1000/VT310N/VT200/MT100/MT01

Step 2: Identify fuel cable of original fuel sensor

Step 3: Wire connection between GPS tracker and original fuel sensor.

Step 4: Calibration, record fuel cable voltage and corresponding fuel level

Step 5: Contact sales for formula and be guided to put calibration data in the platform

Calibration table.jpg

Fuel Level Graph Example

Full capacity 52 liters fuel tank graph.

Full capacity 52 liters fuel tank graph

Camparison between ultrasonic fuel senso

Comparison between ultrasonic fuel sensor (top graph) and original fuel sensor, this is 150 liters fuel tank


Vehicle Type Examples from Customers

Delivery car.png


1. When engine off, original fuel sensor will not work due to lack of power. The fuel filling or fuel theft data is not real-time, it will be uploaded when engine on

2. Less precision compare to external fuel sensor